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Over the years, due to surgeries and the need for strengthening, I have been a return patient at Heather Hill. The nurses and aides are always kind, helpful, and attentive. My physical and occupational therapists are always excellent and encouraging, and they work hard to help me reach my goals and achieve the independence I need to return home. The food is good, the building is clean and I feel very comfortable. I recommend Heather Hill to anyone in need of rehabilitation or long term care.


At the hospital where I spent two months before coming to Heather Hill, the Doctor didn’t hold much hope for me. They told my family that it was likely I wouldn’t survive. Thanks to the care of the Heather Hill staff, I learned how to walk again, breathe without a respirator, eat and drink without a feed tube, and do all the other things most people take for granted. Thank you all for giving me my life back.


Wonderful. Simply the Best, I always tell everyone the OT’s and PT’s really know what they are doing. The caregivers do a very good job. Nurses and Staff are outstanding.


Rachel S. was super nice ...Edita S., Jessica Nappi... all so very nice to me. All the staff on E-floor are all so nice! It made me feel like home! I like when you have a good BBQ outside that's how you get to meet the residents.


I am sorry that I am just now getting to send this to you but I don't want to miss the opportunity to thank you for the excellent care my father received from your facility and staff. On May 8th my dad was transferred to Heather Hill after suffering a stroke. Both my dad and our family were extremely pleased with the care he received at Heather Hill. The nursing staff, physical therapy department, and occupational therapy department were great! They not only gave great care but were very kind, compassionate and accommodating and answered quickly to my dad's needs.
I especially want to mention the social worker, Edith Steko. She was amazing! She was so helpful and efficient, she went over and above to answer my many questions and helped us navigate through the process of Dad's care and the paperwork. Her kindness and concern for Dad and his needs were not only while at Heather Hill, but she continued to care and answer questions after Dad left for the assisted living facility he was being transferred to.
Thank you all again so much for the excellent care you provided for my dad!


Chef and Heather Hill Staff,
Thank you so much for the wonderful Thanksgiving dinner that you prepared. It was delicious! It's a much appreciated time with my husband, sister, and brother-in-law and so nice to see staff helping and so caring. I know Joe is in a good place! And this is such a good feeling. Thank you again.


Dear Barbara and Heather Hill Staff,
The Thanksgiving dinner was delicious! It was nice for families to have a wonderful dinner with their loved ones. The staff was great serving everyone with a smile. Thank you again for all you and the staff do to make the residents and their families feel so welcome.

Ann and Family

I have been a resident of Heather Hill for two years. I chose this facility because, unlike so many other rehab facilities, Heather Hill offers 24-hour respiratory care by licensed respiratory technicians. The Respiratory Department works alongside the other departments at Heather Hill to make sure that I receive the best possible care. The techs here are very knowledgeable, courteous, and attentive. The respiratory techs have even helped me on outings that I have arranged. The doctors are always available to assist with my care if need be and this facility is located minutes away from most hospitals. Heather Hill has excellent nursing care and physical and occupational therapy as well.


When I came to Heather Hill I was not able to walk and had a tracheostomy, now I am pleased to say Heather Hill helped me successfully be decannulated from the trach and I am up walking and ready to discharge home with my family!

Sallie M.

My family and I are so pleased with the respiratory team here at Heather Hill. I admitted on a ventilator and have been weaned off successfully! I am so happy with my progress so far and so is my family!

Stephen L.

I am so pleased with Heather Hill's respiratory team. They got me weaned from the ventilator and back home!

Margaret W.

I have truly had a wonderful stay at Heather Hill. All the staff is kind to me, but my favorite is Trina, STNA. Trina is on top of things and helps me before I even ask. I'm strong enough now to return home with my husband and cat. Thank you and I will miss you.


I have received rehab services at Heather Hill a handful of times since 2016. I continue to choose Heather Hill as my choice of rehab because it's handy for the church and community to visit. Staff is always friendly. My favorite thing about the therapy here is the people. They motivate us to do our best. I would recommend Heather Hill to my community for rehab and nursing care!


I’ve had a wonderful stay at Heather Hill. I remember visiting my friend here a while back, and now I know why it’s a recommended place. The food is phenomenal, and I have loved every meal. The therapy team is beyond helpful. Although they push you to meet your goals, they let you go at your own pace. I always felt safe. My favorite part is the German Shepherd therapy dog. I used to have a German Shepherd and to see one while in rehab was very touching. Thank you, Heather Hill!


I chose to admit to Heather Hill for skilled rehab after Covid got the best of me. I have never experienced a major hospital stay before, so I was pretty nervous when I found out I had to go to a nursing facility for additional care. I can say, I am so glad I did and that I chose Heather Hill. The therapy department and nursing staff SAVED MY LIFE. The therapy director, Azah, is someone I will never forget. She went above and beyond to help me. I don’t remember all of the staff’s names that helped me in my recovery, but I know I pray for each of them often. I have now been out of rehabilitation for over a year and I am back to living my life at home, enjoying my hobbies, family, and church. I thank every one of the team members at Heather Hill for never giving up on me. If you are in need of rehabilitation, I would recommend this facility in a heartbeat!


My wife has been here a year. Day after day we see staff come and do a very good job caring for her. We are very pleased with her care by everyone. We just want to say thank you very much to all the staff who work in her unit.

Norman M.

We had a very nice visit with my sister for her birthday yesterday. It is a pleasure seeing her relaxed and content. My daughter and I had a very nice discussion with the staff as well who are the best!

Tony K.