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Celebrating Christmas in July

August 17, 2022
Our staff members at Heather Hill are committed to fulfilling our residents' physical and emotional needs. It is their job to listen and deliver the best possible care. Recently, our Resident Council got together and asked for a new and special event that had never done before at our skilled nursing facility, a Christmas in July party! Our team was not going to say no to a reason to celebrate!

We are always open to trying new and exciting things, especially if our residents are eager to do it! The 1st annual Christmas in July party went on without a hitch, leaving everyone in a jolly mood! We pulled out all the stops by including themed decorations, food, live music, and even a surprise visit from the jolly man himself, Santa. The Activity Department received many compliments. A special shoutout to the Crusin Crooners for the performance. One of our residents, Lee Williams, shared, "I really enjoyed hearing all my favorite Christmas songs!" All the residents left with full bellies and a smile on their faces.

There are many benefits of doing daily activities and special events like this for our residents. It brings our residents together by creating new friends, family, and experiences they may have thought would never be possible, considering their circumstances/situation. It lifts their spirits and helps keep their hopes high. It also lets them know that there are people who genuinely care and enjoy doing nice things for them. These kinds of events help provide a sense of normalcy and mentally takes them outside the typical nursing home setting. Getting involved by planning or participating gives them something to look forward to while also providing a sense of meaning and importance.

As always, family and friends are always welcome to attend and participate in activities, events and outings. You can contact the Activity Department with ideas or if you just want to be more involved. Heather Hill is currently looking for volunteers, as well as therapy pets. If any of this interests you, please contact us at 440-279-2456.

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