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Sallie's Therapy Journey

October 28, 2022
No matter what healthcare battles are brought your way, Heather Hill is committed to providing the support and encouragement needed to get you back on your feet. Our Therapy Department works hard with our rehabilitation residents with the ultimate goal of returning home healthier and stronger.

Meet one of our successful residents, Sallie McIntyre. She was admitted to us on a ventilator/trach back on 12/28/2021. At the time of admission, she was not ambulating. Through hard work and determination, Sallie pushed herself during her time here and accomplished her therapy goals!

Sallie's Therapy Story

Our incredible Therapy Director, Azah Shelburn, took Sallie under her wing and made sure she got the appropriate help she needed to succeed and meet her therapy goals. Azah shared,

"I met her last year, and she was in bad shape. She was bedridden with stage four wounds to most of her posterior, buttocks and thighs. She had ups and downs. She went through a depression and almost gave up. I came to her and asked if she was ready to work. I told her there will be blood, sweat and tears, but it would be all worth it. I picked her up, and that’s exactly what happened; blood, sweat and tears, but she persevered and made it home!!"

Fast forward to 7/28/2022, and Sallie got her long-awaited discharge home! Sallie sent a video and picture to our Therapy Team of her in her graduation shirt. She is doing fabulously! She is still up walking around with ZERO assistance!

A story like Sallie's is why we do what we do at Heather Hill. To see the state she was in when she came to us and how she left is astronomical. We're so proud of Sallie! She will always be a member of the Heather Hill Family.

Head to our Facebook page to see videos from Sallie's journey leading to her success.

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