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September Cooking Demo - Prebiotics

October 7, 2022
Each month, Heather Hill's Dietary Department has the pleasure of visiting our friends over at The Chardon Senior Center to teach a cooking demo and serve a delicious and nutritious meal. We feel so lucky to have our incredible chef, Jason Drago, at Heather Hill that we wanted to share the love with some of our local seniors!

In September, prebiotics were our focus as we discussed the health benefits and why it's especially important for older adults. Prebiotics are foods rich in dietary fiber, like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Research shows they improve carbohydrate metabolism, overall digestive health, and mental health. It can also contribute to the prevention of colon cancer.

Studies have shown that prebiotics can be beneficial to seniors and aging adults for more than just keeping the body regular. Prebiotics can help older adults maintain a healthy gut and strong immune system while fighting off harmful bacteria such as Clostridia and Bacteroides, which are more common with age.

The seniors at The Chardon Senior Center absolutely loved the session. A few of their comments were, "These potatoes taste like my grandma's. They are amazing!" and, "This is the best meal I have had all month!"

If we can create meals that taste great and are good for you, then we've done our job as a Dietary Department in healthcare. But why stop there when we could share these recipes with our whole community? You can find the full recipes and instructions by clicking the button below.

Prebiotics Recipes

Happy cooking! Stay tuned for next month's cooking demo!

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